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Life Insurance Basics

Is my life insurance through work enough?

Oftentimes not. Many people are surprised to learn that the life insurance included as part of their benefits package is only one or two times their salary.

We find most people need far more than 1-2x salary. Not only is life insurance through an employer often not enough, it generally doesn’t move with you, if you change jobs.



Do I have to take an Exam?

No! No exams for none of our policies upto $3Million worth of coverage.

How Long does it takes to get a Life Insurance Policy?

Most policies may be instantly approved at the time you submit your application. If not, policies are approved within 48 hours.

How Much coverage do I qualify for?

Typically, an individual can get up to 20 times his or her annual income in coverage. The total coverage amount a person will qualify for often decreases with age, as retirement draws nearer. For those who are not currently employed, it’s still possible to get $50,000 to $100,000 of coverage for items such as final expense needs. Unemployed individuals will have to provide information on the application to prove that they can afford the premiums, such as disability or retirement income information.

It’s possible to get more than 20 times your income for coverage, if you have additional assets to protect over and above your income. It is also possible for homemakers to qualify for the same amount of coverage their spouse has, even without a separate income.



Can I get Life Insurance if I have High Blood Pressure or Diabetes?

Yes!  We cover client everyday with either High Blood Pressure or Diabetes or both.

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